Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Civil war rages on in Libya as of this writing. Western powers’ bombing sorties did change the compass of the conflict, as they destroyed armored arsenals and aircraft of government forces, thus weakening Kadhafy’s position. However, the bombing addiction is turning more spurious, even as it obfuscates the legitimacy of the pro-democracy forces.

In previous articles, I already sounded off my resonance with the youthful generations of the Arab world in their just and legitimate campaigns to overthrow republican tyrannies and antiquated kingdoms & sheikhdoms. In the case of Libya, I was amenable to seeing a coalition of forces from Africa (e.g. African Union) and the Arab League help out to flash Kadhafy off his turf.

To recap, Kadhafy responded with sadistic carnage to the peaceful pro-democracy protesters, and that genocide is simply inhumane, demonic and unacceptable by any yardstick of civility. And so he must be ousted by a synergy of external and internal forces, till the opposition will be given the opportunity to construct a new government.

I was surprised by the rapidity with which the Western powers responded and took the cudgels of external intervention, which I did observe with detached coldness for a while. But now, seeing that the ugly ogre of power hegemonism has reared itself, I can see that the bombing obsession could turn the conflict to directions other than what the pro-democracy forces themselves opted to sojourn at the commencement of the campaign.

Obama just seems too over-focused on his own obsession, the same obsession he is now projecting on the leaderships of the USA, France and UK. Just exactly where that obsession will lead to, must be forecast and anticipated with opacity. Obama might revive the already dying Pax Americana which most countries vehemently oppose, revived precisely by the entry of American ground troops to Libya.

Cameron is puppet of the British financiers who have enormous stake in Libya’s oil, so we can expect more of UK intervention in the war. It isn’t remote that the British oligarchs will call the shots by secretly moving to bankroll the war while America provides the ground troops for the oligarchs’ pursuits. It’s Iraq and Afghanistan all over again, and that spells real danger.

Remember, the Anglo-European oligarchy had planned all along to orchestrate the waging of a 3rd World War, by pitting a Sunni-Zion alliance versus an Iranian-led Shiite coalition. The Arab conflicts got their abominable plan almost off-track, so they are recasting their tools and orchestrating opportunities in the Arab conflicts in their favor, so that their apocalyptic agenda will hold through.

As far as American politicians are concerned, Libya has no strategic significance to America’s interests, so they are befuddled by Obama’s obsession with bombing Libya and his subterfuge agenda to land ground troops there. Obama’s divergence from mainstream hegemonistic compass in America would reveal him as a closet Confederate who works unabashedly to align America’s hot wars to the abominations of the Anglo-European oligarchs.

African countries should better act quickly so as to secure the initiatives in orchestrating the external intervention in Libya. Acting out too late, the bombing addicts of the West would transform the conflict into a grotesque holocaust of sorts that could ignite a gigantic conflagration.

[Philippines, 31 March 2011]

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