Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
31 March 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe / Adept of the Brotherhood of Light!

For this heraldry, I will focus on the rapidly changing politico-military context. We are experiencing the quickening of the Age, so you Ascension enthusiasts better retool and rethink your life directions most urgently. You just have 37 weeks + 6 days to roller coaster to New Earth.

As far as the global elites of Luciferan ignominy are concerned, their strategic reinforcement of mind control which sustains their governance of politico-economic structures is eroding fast. Their planned total destruction of economic and political structures is back-firing, their Armageddon agenda getting stalled along the way. The quickening of the old world is fast unveiling a new timeline, thus giving the resonant signal to the Lizard Illuminates to stand down or perish.

At this juncture, the Celestial Forces are well prepared to engage Armageddon maniacs in case they proceed with their insidious evil plot to annihilate mankind through nuclear thermidore. Legions of warrior angels—Whitefire Angels, Blue Lightning Angels, and a new class of angel warriors —are massed up for the purpose, and are ready for the stickiest and toughest contingencies.

New Celestial firepower heretofore unknown will be unleashed upon the power maniacs if they persist on pushing through with their Demonically forged destructive agenda. God is directly intervening in the affairs of Earth since 1974, and He will take Earth by force as pronounced through the Master-Adept JJ Hurtak in the 70s yet, so the Celestial firepower was upgraded with the imprimatur of the Father to save the elect of humanity and prepare them in the New Earth for enseeding the coming 6th root race.

As the balance of power shifts even more skewed towards the Light, the installation of Lord Kolki as World Leader is now being prepared in Shamballah. Furthermore, the provisional Guardianship Council—comprising of Ascended Masters (some came from the White Robes on Terra’s surface)—which has been in operation since 2008 yet, is being prepared for a full mandate as administrative Aides of the World Leader.

Gatekeeper Councils, one for each region (region = 2-4 nations), have been in operation across the etheric ‘belt’ of the planet since 2009 yet. They are now well oiled, mature as institutional formations, aid in balancing energies across the globe, and are well prepared for a global consensus body mandate akin to a global parliament for the New Earth. [E. Argonza, “Gatekeeperships: Prelude to Planetary State,” http://erlefraynebrightworld.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/gatekeeperships-prelude-to-planetary-state/.%5D

Lastly, the Gatekeepership for each of Terra’s major energy spots or centers is now being constituted. Congruous with the physical body’s major chakras, there are 70 major energy spots across the globe, 7 of which serve as the planet’s 7 Major Chakras. Once in full operation, the said spots will ensure protocols for their beneficial usage be implemented, thus preventing their illicit utilization by Fallen Aliens for beaconing, energy utilization of spaceships, and intentional distortion of the planet’s energy grids.

4th Dimensional bases of the Galactic Confederation’s sector command (to which Solarians respectively report to) were already formed beginning in 2009 yet. That was made possible by the re-opening of the stargate portal to the galaxy, a gargantuan mission that enabled the passage of Galactic Command or GC motherships and subsidiary vessels (see E. Argonza, “Stargate Portal is Awakening! It’s Above Palawan!”

I need not further belabor the reportage about arrest & incarceration of Evil Masters (of which there was once a mighty 1-Million force of evil hierarchs, that’s now down to 2/3 its size). I was given permission to access the information about their state just this month: strapped all over w/ mineral/metallic thought neutralizers on their heads, they are dying as dead carcass due to the absence of Light that they used to suck from out of their human victims. Many have disintegrated, and the rest will go that way too.

With a diminutive hierarchy to support them, and cut off from their Empire ramparts (the Draconian invasion force in late 90s-2002 was wiped out by the GC sector forces), the global Luciferan elites have no better recourse than to stand down. Their old antics of massive payolas on espionage, disinformation and sabotage networks sent out to derail the Lightworkers’ sanguine works, are conking out fast, even as their spies are now rapidly catching the scare sickness. The said dirty operators are among the list of Evil Ones scheduled for arrest and incarceration, while the Celestial firepower is also directed on their entire networks as live targets at this juncture.

The true humans of Terra hereby dedicate to The Evil Lizards the famed Bob Dylan song KNOCKING ON HEAVEN’S DOOR: “Mama put my guns on the ground/I can’t shoot them anymore/That lone black cloud is coming down/Feels like I’m knocking on heaven’s door.”

The Evil Ones on Terra’s surface are indeed aching now to knock on hyperspace ‘heaven’ doors in order to escape the karmic justice enforcement on their ranks. Sadly, there will be no escape for the evil cabals. It is their destiny of Gotterdamerung (twilight of the gods) now shaped up.


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