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March 7, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Happy Women’s Day to all the women of the planet!

Rulership over the past historic epochs in our planet has been markedly a one-sided thing: an overstress on the Masculine principle as underlying precept. In all the major sectors of society thereof, governance, inclusive of management principles, were largely dominated by the masculine principle. Let me share some notes about the matter.

This analyst has been an avid supporter of feminist movements for some decades now, and so I write about women & gender today as a re-dedication to that flame of support for women advocacies. Albeit, my paradigm on gender is largely founded on Eastern principles, more so from those writ by spiritual masters, and so I re-echo the ‘bringing the feminine back in’ from such a paradigm.

I find the western paradigms of gender as intoxicatingly dualistic and/or polarized, which is in stark contrast to those from the East. The Western Mind views gender as one of constant clash between the sexes, where one gender eventually ends up as dominant and victorious. The Eastern Mind, founded largely on universal spirituality and high-level synthesis, regards the Masculine and Feminine as two aspects of an indivisible reality, being emanations from the Universal Mind or Prime Cause (God Almighty).

After studying the social sciences for so long a time now (I’m among the sociologists and political economists in the Philippines), I’d verily say that I have become nauseated with western precepts of all sorts. Western thought had reached a dead end, and western theories of gender are circuitous discourses of intellectualism bereft of recondite elements of spirituality. I have honestly grown tired of Western shallowness in the philosophical plane, and I challenge those steeped in Western thought to catch up and solve theoretical gaps.

For cogitation, the Feminine Principle has been locked up for so long in the dungeons of the collective psyche. As a result, governance precepts—in all societal sectors—have been one-sided and bent on the authoritarian or Theory X. Coteries of intellectuals, largely gay homosexuals, have built ramparts of discourses across the eons to defend the very one-sided governance, never mind if such governance would be tyrannical, corrupt, war-mongering, and anti-human.

‘Bringing the Feminine back in’ is the most daunting and urgent agenda of the day. A balanced representation of both the Feminine and Masculine in governance would likewise generate balanced governance. Imbalanced governance redounds to tyranny and decay in the long run, while balanced governance would bring forth a flowering of the Creative Principle in the organizational setting.

Take a 2nd look today at the largely Masculine-dominated states of Arab sheikdoms, emirates, and kingdoms. See for yourself the result of epochs of imbalanced Masculine-dominated governance. Such imbalanced governance is being rejected en toto by the Arab youths, and the detractors are in a hurry to search for a way out of the governance dilemmas they face.

‘Bringing the Feminine back in’ the Arab societies will quickly produce the balance so sorely lacking for as far as historical records can cull. The return of the Feminine there will most likely result to a Theory Y cum Theory Z type of democracy: participative, de-centered, respectful of civil society, and necessarily liberating the women gender’s potentials in both public and private spheres.

Democracy, Justice, Liberty are all signified by Female figures, call them goddesses or deities if you wish. They represent the highest virtues, and the values emanating from them will be guidepost precepts of the future. We all better accept that the time has come for recognition of the full import of the goddess principles now rising to the fore, or else face the violent upheavals resulting from a cathartic overthrow of Jurassic governance dispensations.

Those gay homosexual technocrats-politicians-financiers of Luciferan New World Order who are hiding in the shadows, desirous of installing tyrannical regimes in the USA & Europe and obsessing for a World War III, who likewise dominate foreign policy initiatives in the West, better shut up and take stock of the emerging world order. The Jurassic anti-Feminine advocates are being swept off rulership posts and institutions, and will be mere archival materials in the short run.

A blessed, Happy Women’s Day again to all ladies and to Planet Earth!

[Philippines, 07 March 2011]


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