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June 4, 2008

Erle Frayne Argonza

The recent news about Watson, the American Nobel prize biologist, claiming that Blacks are less smarter than Whites due to genetic factors, comes as a real shock to me. I can’t believe that a 20th century post-war scientist would declare such highly destructive, bigoted contention.  

Not only that, Watson even pushed his racist theory beyond the limits by claiming that Blacks are hopeless, as genetics have doomed them to be mentally inferior to Whites. This accordingly explains why Blacks always end up with poorer aptitude and/or IQ points compared to Whites. Shocking! Really shocking!

Had Watson just dared to traverse outside of his own discipline (biology) and reviewed the latest studies in psychology and ‘new science’, he could have become better informed about the subject. And, hopefully, could have articulated his views with greater circumspection.

Among the studies done by psychologists in the past decades was the possibility of increasing intelligence through a variety of interventions. Some psychologists such as Jung and Maslow ventured into Eastern psychology, studied yoga and esoteric philosophy along the way. And many of their students, who are tops in both pure and applied psychology, have carried on the R&D in the field.

As a yogi myself, I was so surprised when, as a 20-year old boy at the University of the Philippines c. 1979, my first yoga lesson was to be taught right inside our classroom by a pioneer psychologist, Dr. Alfred Lagmay, rather than a long-haired Indian guru (I used to be long haired). Invited by his anthropologist wife, Dr. Leticia Lagmay, to her class, which was my formal class then, Dr. Alfredo agreed with gusto and taught us the basics of yoga breathing during one class session.

Dr. Lagmay originally had little fondness for Eastern psychology. Being among those trained by his American professors (first mentors and builders of the University of the Philippines) in the Philippines as well as in the USA (where he took his masters degree and doctorate), his exposure was in behaviorism,  experimental psychology, or in scientistic psychology. He then stumbled upon yoga in his studies, and then pursued it relentlessly. It was among his last passions as an actively engaged scientist.

Yoga, as far as the spiritual masters are concerned, is the chief science for increasing intelligence. And by intelligence I don’t mean ‘mental intelligence’ alone, but that of ‘multiple intelligences’. Being a yogi and mystic of long standing now, and already a spiritual guru in level of awareness, I can verily say, based on many accounts by practitioners, of the following intelligences improved by yoga meditation:

·         Emotional Intelligence: One becomes more emotionally stable, increases attitude for learning. Cures neurosis or affective disorder, including obsessive-compulsive disorder.

·         Social Intelligence: Improves ones capacity to harmonize with diverse peoples in diverse environments, stabilizes sociopathic (or psychopathic) tendencies and eradicates suicidal tendencies, and improves one’s chances for high leadership posts.

·         Mental Intelligence: Improves one’s IQ, capacity for analytical thought processes, linguistic ability, and makes one a better planner, tactician, and strategist. Stabilizes and cures manic-depressive disorder.

·         Intuitive Intelligence: Greatly improves ones creativity, thus transforming one from copycat artisan to original, high-creative artist. Also increase one’s extra-sensory powers.

·         Spiritual Intelligence: Greatly improves one’s wisdom, by improving one’s capacity to digest and absorb deeply esoteric and mystical lessons, and articulating the same before an enthused audience.

To claim that Black’s mental intelligence can never be altered is simply outrageous and fallacious. The contention reveals that Watson is now an old-fogey man, a ‘has been’ in the sciences given the new frontiers of research. He should better shut up a bit, as his words will be taken by White fascists who are up to clobber or kill every Black or Colored Man with whom they can effect a transference of their own sociopathic tendencies.

[Writ 03 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]


June 3, 2008

Erle Frayne  Argonza

Good morning!

I just stumbled across a contentious and controversial news this morning that echoes back racialist theories that were declared obsolete even before World War II erupted. It has to do with the claim of Watson, one of USA’s biological stalwarts and Nobel Prize winner, contending that Blacks are inherently less smart than Whites.

The article was written by Henry Louis Gate Jr. and published at The article was sourced via the MSN news, and a portion reads as follows:

On Oct. 14, 2007, one of Watson’s former assistants, Charlotte Hunt-Grubbe, wrote an article  about him in London’s Sunday Times   that quoted him making racist comments about black people by suggesting there are inherent, unalterable biological differences in intelligence between black people and everyone else. The response was swift and impressively devastating. The father of DNA had spoken the unspeakable. Echoing racist remarks that have been used to justify the enslavement and colonization of black people since the Enlightenment (think Hume, Kant, Jefferson, Hegel), Watson’s comments implied that he believed that nature had created a primal distinction in intelligence and innate mental capacity between blacks and whites, which no amount of social intervention could ever change… [End of Quote]

Watson’s statement surely comes at a most perilous time, when fascism is on the upsurge. I need not even belabor the point that fascism and White supremacist groupthought go hand in hand. I just couldn’t believe that Watson has made an utterly irresponsible, despicable, racialist remark, but better that he spoke of his mind and feelings honestly than pretend to be otherwise.

As a social scientist, I’m aware of IQ and aptitude tests done by various behavioral experts in the USA comparing the intelligence of Whites, Blacks, Latinos and Asians in the USA. In the early 1990s, a group of behavioral scientists, led by sociologists, conducted a study across a very broad section of the population, using thousands of informants.

The results were stunningly revealing. And the inferential data could easily deconstruct and devastate any notion of White supremacy use genetics as the rationalization core. The results showed that indeed the Blacks, as well as the Latinos along with them, occupied the lowest rung of the IQ scale, and were 8 IQ points lower than the Whites; and, the Whites were lower by 8-10 IQ points compared to Asians.

To think that my own people (Filipinos) were derided as ‘monkeys with no tails’ and made into target shooting things by the conquering Anglo-Teutonic-Celtic Whites of the United States of America! And just some decades before America’s conquest of Manila, the Spanish friars derided our Indio natives (I’m 75% Indio blood) as ‘human-looking idiotic Things without souls’ whose only purpose was to give alms to the Church during masses!

The Blacks of America suffered enormous indignities and inhumane treatment from the Whites, this was put on the records well. But the Blacks should also expand their minds and recognize the fact that other peoples, including Asians, suffered in the hands of the White Man. And the wounds inflicted by cruelties of the Spaniards and Americans on our people when they occupied the islands (for 400 years!) remain with us till these days. The memory of all those abominable cruelties are still fresh among us patriots.

Blacks of America, don’t pay attention to the whimsical prejudices of a ‘has been’ scientist like Watson. But do pay attention to the madness that now pervades your private sphere, as this is the very source for White groupthought that translates to sociopathic feelings of terminating Blacks and Colored peoples en masse.

[Writ 03 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]