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May 14, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang gabi! Good evening!

As the new princess Kate feels the bliss of honeymoon, Anglo-European royalty & cronies are anticipating the ritual sessions they’ll undertake over the next months. Being dedicated disciples of the Dark Masters, or Illumined Ones so-called, royalty has been reputedly shape-shifting to giant reptilians past 9 feet in height, as integral to their rituals of black arts, as per revelations by David Icke (

Whether the elites of Europe and their oligarchic counterpart overseas do have control over their shape-shifting to Abominations is a bone of contention in mystical circles. David Icke is of the position that they (Queen Elizabeth & kins particularly) do exercise control over their shifting to reptilians and back to humans, while the priest & spiritual guru Sal Rachele contends the contrary (see

That the royalty of the Anglo-Nordic-Teutonic-Latin worlds do engage in secret profane rituals is something that should induce more depth studies from interested parties. That they shape-shift to predatory reptilians is surely a cause for grave concern by the citizens of planet Earth. Just exactly how that happens speaks of a certain truth: that the genetic structure of royalty & elite cronies have moorings in a reptile humanoid species that could have bred with Earth hominids in antiquity, thus producing the secretive ‘reptoids’ of royalty.

Diana could have unwind of such rituals and lived in dread most of her life. Add to that fact the discoveries she made about the criminal operations in drugs, gold hoarding, portfolio investments & currency attacks, and more, and you could just imagine the mortal dread of the late princess. Diana wanted to stay out of the prison she fell into, and she was exterminated by the evil cabal of Committee of 300 or C300.

As elucidated by Icke and others, the royalty & elite crony rituals often than not initiate young children into it (rituals). Scions of the elites thus get to be exposed to prayer rituals spiced with sodomy, vaginal penetration (for girls), felacio, and related profanities as early as infancy (9 months to 2 years of age). Drugs such as hashish or cocaine are used in some rituals to induce trance states that permit contact with trans-terrestrial beings from other dimensions, Evil Beings to stress the point, e.g. Baphomet.

But there’s more to the rituals. Certain rituals that induce shape-shifting to reptilians are accompanied by the use of kids as sacrificial items. Upon the shift to the giant predators, the ritualizing elites would then knife the kids to ‘kingdom come’ in order to extract the heart, liver, and whatever organs are desired that could induce certain effects. The predators then eat those organs or body parts desired.

In other words, the reptiloid elites regard humans as prey, thus indicating the possibility that their reptilian humanoid species are on top of the food chain. Just exactly how they were able to create subterfuge situation so that they now hide under human rubric is a puzzle of genetics that is worth our peregrinations.

Back to the question: should Princess Kate get hold of direct knowledge about the rituals, what’s her take of it? Should she find out that her children will experience being part of the rituals at infancy, what then? Will she say “should I stay or should I go?”

[Philippines, 05 May 2011]
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