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September 6, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good Day and goodwill to you fellow global citizens!

It is now September as I write this piece. September is the end of summer up North, while here in the tropics it is another month of monsoon rains and powerful typhoons.

Well, in France it is summer for the legitimate scions of the Republic and Caucasian Europeans, while it is typhoon season for the Gypsies. Ethnic groups that are migratory bands don’t have a place at all in Sarkozy’s France and the likes of him who are indubitably Nero types of leaders that burned Europe’s economy while they fiddled in their palaces.

Actually, if you take a cursory look at all the planet’s regions, indigenous peoples or IPs have been effectively excluded in the development game. They are the labor robots for Big Business mines and forestry enterprises who are expendable as flies. Never mind if they die by the thousands in mishaps or dreaded viral epidemics in the boondocks, their value is as low as a cheap cyborg that can be decommissioned anytime.

Lucky are those IPs up the boondocks as there are too many feel-good urban habitués who have taken up the cudgels of IP advocacies. After the Western anthropologists over-studied the highlanders for the purpose of acquiring data for the corporate oligarchs to control the said IPs (while anthropologists fatten their purses with research funds and academic promotions), here comes the feel-good urbanites who can perhaps balance the dark machinations of Western-cloned anthropologists and oligarchic patrons.

The Gypsies just don’t have such a luck it seems, and so are those migrating bands of IPs in Africa and Brazil. Ambulant IPs are not to be found in the notebooks and databases of anthropologists, or if they do, they are programmable for expulsion if not physical elimination.

Gypsies just don’t possess the combat prowess of the once mighty Sioux and natives of America, for if they did, they could have shot down so many robbers, psychopaths, cops and soldiers. They carry along with them their baggage and cultural wealth, and no more. They are not up to hold on to any piece of territory in the lands they occupy for a while, they don’t have visas or passports to show to immigration cops as these documents are alien to their ‘system’, and they come in peace and harmony with those whom they interact with.

Sarkozy and his ilk are scions of the Jacobites of pre-Bonaparte heydays, and should not be perceived as ‘democrats’ in the true sense of the term. Sarkozy, Merkel, Barroso and company are of the same mold of Nero leaders who would have no second thoughts in expelling migrants in the continent through miniscule expulsions of the nature of Gypsy kick-in-the-ass as pilot ‘project’ for a forthcoming grand scale of expulsions.

If there is any word of advice I can give to my fellow Asians in Europe right now, better depart in peace while there is time. Thou art the worthless Mandingos of a forthcoming Bonapartist gendarme state based in Brussels, and you can be butchered like fried chickens if the tide will turn the clock towards a full gendarme state indeed.

Sarkozy is a mere Robespiere, a pawn in the dangerous games being hatched by the oligarchs there. Sooner or later he’ll be booted out of office, replaced by one who would advance the Bonapartist agenda for a nation-less unified Europe. Merkel, Cameron, Barroso and their likes are going that path too, as more fanatical Bonapartists will be installed to power.

The Gypsies’ expulsion could very well be the ‘handwriting on the wall’ of neo-Mandingos of all hues (including White Mandingos from Eastern Europe), a prelude to a larger crackdown forthcoming.

[Philippines, 01 September 2010]







June 13, 2008

Erle Frayne Argonza

Good morning!

As I was moving back to home-base, done with my gym exercise, my eyes caught the news bit in the newsstands about the biggest Philippine flag recently unfurled in Baguio City. So huge was the flag, it weighed over 3 tons.

Whoever may have conceived the idea (a lady), she was acting magnanimously on the behest of her own Guide from Above. The choice of creating and unfurling a big flag, on the occasion of Philippine Independence day, can be perceived as a token of patriotism and love for fellow Filipinos.

On a deeper level, however, the unfurling of a flag so huge goes beyond simple tokenism. There’s more to the flag beyond people coming together and building bridges of Love for peace and world healing, which indeed had been delivered by the flag team at the moment of unfurling. It also goes beyond the hospitality of the Baguio people that was rightly exhibited too at that moment of unfurling.

For one, the size signifies the growth and galvanization of the Filipino identity and weltanschauung that took over 300 years to build. Building that weltanschauung began when the secularization movement was launched during the Spanish Era, and then moved on to the nationalist movement of Rizal’s time, and onwards to the Filipino Renaissance of the 1990s (pre-centennial through post-centennial jubilee). The Renaissance still goes on and may be the next phase of weltanschauung formation that would take probably two (2) centuries to ferment.

The Philippine nation used to be circumscribed within the confines of the archipelago, the same island group that was created by Westphalian-type treaties among world powers. Today, the nation has gone beyond the archipelago’s borders, as Filipinos have been spread across the globe, nearly 100 million strong.

That huge flag signified the strength of the weltanschauung formation galvanizing as identity, psyche, collective taste and temper that now inhere among the equally large population of 100 million. A globalized people and nation must be signified with dignity and honor by an emblem as huge as the world: a 3+ tonner flag. Hugeness means strength, power, potency, global extent. It means there is not any place in the world that we can’t dip our hands into and be part of their reshaping. It means global imprint, global impact.

The year of unfurling is very auspicious: 110th year after the independence declaration. 110 contains the numbers 11 and 10, 11 X 10 equals 110. 11 signifies conquest and leadership in certain domains of planetary life. 10 means 9 + 1, the number of completion that starts with zero (1 is leadership, 9 is martial abilities). Somehow, the Cosmic Hierarchs are heralding to the world, via this huge flag, on this 110th year of Filipinas, that from hereon a new phase of history begins: the phase of global leadership in certain aspects of life.

By the fact that Filipinos were spread across the globe, a feat that can be attributed largely to the Divine Hierarchy in pursuit of a greater Plan (which we 3-dimensional mortals are blind about), already is one cause for wonderment. Hidden Divine Hands are working on these islands, and so the message of the Hierarchy to the Dark Forces who want to destroy our people is for them to ‘make no mistake’, the Divine Plan holds and will hold through. No Dark Force can ever wreck the destiny of the Filipinos, a destiny that has global effects in the future eras to come.

Not even the destruction today of the archipelago through WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and the mass termination of 90 million inhabitants can ever kill Divine Plan. That huge quake that struck China recently, using a Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM, was already a forewarning by the Dark Forces (Luciferans) of their resolve for destruction and global domination. But they will fail, they can never make Filipinos submit to their dictates, the future Filipino as a distinct sub-race or ‘species race’ will come, no Luciferan abomination can deter or deviate it from happening.   

My kudos goes to the team that did this flag project. But most specially, I salute the Cosmic Hierarchy who actually gave the go signal for this event to take place on this year, 2008, the 110th anniversary of our independence.  

[Writ 13 June 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]