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October 23, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Racism has been a major issue in Australia. The gruesome racial attack by the Anglo-Saxons (whites) of the land down south has been particularly focused on Indians (Asians), a reality that is bluntly denied by the Australian central government.

To date, the frequency of murders against the Indians has been by the hundreds every year. To claim that each murder is an isolated case is hubris, a fascistic garbage aimed at treating colored peoples like ‘monkeys with no tails’ who cannot comprehend what human psyche is all about (i.e. white man psyche).

Australia is a Saxon nation, an appendage of the British Empire, and therefore a puppet of the Anglo-Saxon oligarchy based in Europe. It has been behaving recently as a nation hungry for world power status, ready to bamboozle its neighbors to the north with military might.

You might as well have a deeper knowledge of psychology and cognitive sociology (sociology of knowledge) to see for yourself what’s going on in the collective psyche of the Saxon Australians. A Saxon people that will do everything to exhibit racial arrogance will have no second thought in bullying colored peoples and taking them down as worthless ‘monkeys with no tails’.

From the Australian side, there has been the projection that terrorists among its neighbors are out to take down White Australians, and raised the precautionary flag to desist from traveling in Asia. While Saxon Australia has highlighted the flaks that its citizens did receive via bombings up North, it consciously conceals to the world the hundreds of Indians it kills every year in its own backyard.

Just exactly why Indians have been the subject of attacks is a puzzle to observers notably sociologists and anthropologists. Of course, the Australian observers have their versions of reasons for the gruesome attacks, with emphasis on the ‘isolated case’ perspective for their explanatory justifications.

Outside observers should go back to the contentions of Michel Foucault about the possibility of escalation of the mad discourse to be able to understand what’s going on down south. As the post-structuralists like Foucault were articulating, madness has been ascending to dominant level and replacing reason that has become inutile in the emerging postmodern context.

What outside observers need to see is that Foucault is a white man, and his thoughts were products of his own social context: the context of white society. White society’s mad discourse has been over-extended to other societies as well, which is an abusive resort to over-generalization.

Mad discourse is largely a phenomenon in white society, and Australia is no exception to the phenomenon. Australia is white society, with other races merely but fragments from the margins whose roles are negligible, secondary, subordinate and slave to the Saxons’.

Even the Islamic terror groups that Saxon Australians have been demonizing were creations of the British (Saxon) oligarchy via the espionage agencies. Bin Laden is a paymaster for the British intelligence, with his terror network used to justify mass terminations via warfare by the White nations on the Arabs and Moslems.

Of course the Saxons have the innate feeling of superiority and exclusive possession of wisdom, and they’d impose their thoughts on other peoples for as long as the institutions of mind control (mass media, books/culture industry) are in their hands. Colored peoples cannot reason out as they are ‘halfway between apes and man’.

“The ways of England are the ways of the world,” so exclaimed the hubris of Victorian Britain during its heydays. Today it is Australia that had donned the cloak of British imperialists, with the contention that “the ways of Australia are the ways of the Pacific” sort of subtlety.

Whether Asians will just idly observe the Saxon Australians demonstrate their hatreds and bigoted condescension over the colored peoples remains to be seen. Saxons have already terminated too many millions of colored peoples to count, enslaved too many millions too, plundered and looted too many nations, and so we ask ourselves how far we can trust the Saxons of the day (Australians, Americans, British, Canadians, New Zealanders).

We hope that a serious psychiatric test be administered on all of the Saxon Australians to give scientific credence to our queries about them. This way, there can be no more denial about what psyche the Australians possess. The findings can then be used by the Asians to decide how to relate to Australia as a whole.

[Philippines, 25 October 2010]







September 6, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good Day and goodwill to you fellow global citizens!

It is now September as I write this piece. September is the end of summer up North, while here in the tropics it is another month of monsoon rains and powerful typhoons.

Well, in France it is summer for the legitimate scions of the Republic and Caucasian Europeans, while it is typhoon season for the Gypsies. Ethnic groups that are migratory bands don’t have a place at all in Sarkozy’s France and the likes of him who are indubitably Nero types of leaders that burned Europe’s economy while they fiddled in their palaces.

Actually, if you take a cursory look at all the planet’s regions, indigenous peoples or IPs have been effectively excluded in the development game. They are the labor robots for Big Business mines and forestry enterprises who are expendable as flies. Never mind if they die by the thousands in mishaps or dreaded viral epidemics in the boondocks, their value is as low as a cheap cyborg that can be decommissioned anytime.

Lucky are those IPs up the boondocks as there are too many feel-good urban habitués who have taken up the cudgels of IP advocacies. After the Western anthropologists over-studied the highlanders for the purpose of acquiring data for the corporate oligarchs to control the said IPs (while anthropologists fatten their purses with research funds and academic promotions), here comes the feel-good urbanites who can perhaps balance the dark machinations of Western-cloned anthropologists and oligarchic patrons.

The Gypsies just don’t have such a luck it seems, and so are those migrating bands of IPs in Africa and Brazil. Ambulant IPs are not to be found in the notebooks and databases of anthropologists, or if they do, they are programmable for expulsion if not physical elimination.

Gypsies just don’t possess the combat prowess of the once mighty Sioux and natives of America, for if they did, they could have shot down so many robbers, psychopaths, cops and soldiers. They carry along with them their baggage and cultural wealth, and no more. They are not up to hold on to any piece of territory in the lands they occupy for a while, they don’t have visas or passports to show to immigration cops as these documents are alien to their ‘system’, and they come in peace and harmony with those whom they interact with.

Sarkozy and his ilk are scions of the Jacobites of pre-Bonaparte heydays, and should not be perceived as ‘democrats’ in the true sense of the term. Sarkozy, Merkel, Barroso and company are of the same mold of Nero leaders who would have no second thoughts in expelling migrants in the continent through miniscule expulsions of the nature of Gypsy kick-in-the-ass as pilot ‘project’ for a forthcoming grand scale of expulsions.

If there is any word of advice I can give to my fellow Asians in Europe right now, better depart in peace while there is time. Thou art the worthless Mandingos of a forthcoming Bonapartist gendarme state based in Brussels, and you can be butchered like fried chickens if the tide will turn the clock towards a full gendarme state indeed.

Sarkozy is a mere Robespiere, a pawn in the dangerous games being hatched by the oligarchs there. Sooner or later he’ll be booted out of office, replaced by one who would advance the Bonapartist agenda for a nation-less unified Europe. Merkel, Cameron, Barroso and their likes are going that path too, as more fanatical Bonapartists will be installed to power.

The Gypsies’ expulsion could very well be the ‘handwriting on the wall’ of neo-Mandingos of all hues (including White Mandingos from Eastern Europe), a prelude to a larger crackdown forthcoming.

[Philippines, 01 September 2010]