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April 27, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

From the Pear of the Orient I greet you a pleasant day!

Any news about extra-terrestrial intelligences (ETIs) or aliens is not as pleasant is it seems. There remains so much secrecy about the aliens, not even if news abound regarding encounters with them. In my cosmic blogs, I dwelt on the matter quite extensively, though the perspective is from a cosmogony with deep spiritual undertones (see

Let us do some flashback. Some couples of years ago, the Vatican released press statements that practically disclosed the aliens on Earth. The department of Cardinal Balducci has much to do with the press releases, and should we say, such releases were based on Vatican ETI research that is supervised by the cardinal no less.

The Vatican had produced many archeologists from among its priests, such as the late Tailhard d’Chardin, who may have accumulated archaological finds that do not in any manner cohere with our essential Earth species of humans and pre-homo (australopithecines, anthropoids). Such relics were secured in the Vatican’s own vaults, with a department on ETIs in charge of it.

The Vatican already spoke about the ETIs, so the question we ask is: will the world powers follow suit? When will they do their expected task of disclosure?

Below is an article I wrote some years ago yet that echo the theme of this blog.

[Philippines, 26 April 2011]
Erle Frayne Argonza
The BRA (Britain-America-Russia) ‘triumvirate of alien researchers’ holds something so special in their respective vaults of knowledge that each power held as top secret for many decades now. It has a great deal to do with the Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences or ETIs, the results of which were actually inferred through systematic research and interaction with ETIs.
The question that the rest of us Earth humans or Earthans are asking now is, why has there been so much secrecy regarding the ETI phenomenon? Does it suffice to claim that humanity is not prepared yet for the knowledge about the ETIs, and so the policy of the BRA Establishment is to keep mum about the matter? Or is it because the knowledge derived from the research is of military significance, and anything militarily-oriented is classified information?
We could say that all of the above reasons held true last century, more so in the decades after World War I. Humanity was still mired in superstition and Victorian mindsets than, the level of knowledge was still in the level of the Enlightenment Era and was pathetically narrow to comprehend ETIs, and the military information given by the ETIs whom the BRA interacted with were pure and plain classified.
But that was true for the 20th century though. Mankind had moved on since those early exploratory decades. It may be time to make public pronouncements about the ETIs.
Fact is, the Nazi Germans were the first to study the ETIs intensively and may have received knowledge from some ETI groups. The same knowledge may have been used to design the nuclear bomb, and were it not that Allied onslaught wiped out German military production altogether, the same Bomb could have been dropped on Germany’s enemies, permitting Germany to establish its 1000-year Reich. Japan and Italy could have benefitted enormously from the 1000-year tyranny, thanks to ETI technology.
It did not happen that way though. The BRA countries, which were the core leaders of the Allied Forces, also had their own intensive R&D done on the subject, at the same time when relativity theory and quantum mechanics were revolutionizing the sciences. They later got hold of Nazi scientists who were ETI researchers, and secretly employed the same in their own research pursuits.
But another world power, the Vatican, silently observed those occurrences during the past decades. Little did the world outside know that after Vatican II, the church installed its own ETI research bureau, headed by a cardinal and staffed with scientist priests and lay. The bureau was instrumental in collating previous data and evidences, the most baffling being some skulls of unusual shape—deposited in Vatican relics—that do not at all cohere with any of the hominoid and hominid skulls known to man. These were alien skulls right inside the Vatican!
As the Vatican ETI bureau did its work silently, only occasionally coming out with seemingly independent views by church members, it also secured its own information about what the BRA ‘triumvirate’ was doing about ETI and their state-of-the-art technological applications.
Now that the planet had entered the starting phase of its post-industrial, Information Age phase, humans are simply ready to accept knowledge about their own brethren beyond our star systems. The Vatican was expecting that the secular BRA triumvirate, reinforced by UN and international scientific circles, should make the pronouncement now, at this very moment, when people are looking for some hope to be able to get out of the growing global chaos.
But the BRA officialdom failed to do its part, for one reason or another. And this could have prompted the Vatican hierarchy to do the first salvo of revelation, by utilizing an astronomer priest to pronounce the official policy about ETIs. Accordingly, God created many life forms and life streams, including human-related beings, and so ETIs are well within the ambit of the integrity of Creation.
What a bombshell this revelation is! A true bombshell! Now the Vatican is examining the public feedback from the pronouncement to see if there are hostile or antipathetic thoughts whatsoever. And there are none! Which now empowers the Church all the more, mandating it to make the official heraldry about ETIs in the next couple of years.
There’s no way that the BRA countries would counter this move with PR slanders against the Church for the latter to keep its mouth shut. No force on Earth can do that on the Vatican, remember. Or else the Church will mastermind the economic collapse and fragmentation of the world power involved, this being its sanguine leverage against any arrogantly abusive power.
[28 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]



June 9, 2008

Erle Frayne  Argonza

In a previous article, this writer tackled the ETI research that has gone on among the BRA countries (BRA is short for Britain- America- Russia), that there has been so much secrecy about the subject. As this was happening, another world power, the Vatican, silently did its own research, and had stumbled upon information whose impact not only humiliates world powers but could also devastate the financier-industrial oligarchs completely.


The secrecy behind the ETI phenomenon, according to my own researches both as a social scientist and as a mystic (who secures high knowledge by yoga methods), has got so much to do both with the real existence of ETIs and the technologies they passed on to the BRA countries, technologies regarded as classified information because they are militarily-oriented.


But there’s another secrecy which is hardly any secret to the ‘3rd Force’, the Vatican: that our very own creation, as Earth humans, cannot be set apart from a cosmic creation that includes human and human-related species on other planets in some other star systems. Furthermore, the Vatican may well be knowledgeable about the very special knowledge that we Earth humans were created with the aid of ETIs.


As theosophical founder Blavatsky was saying, nature by itself cannot evolve humans whose consciousness are sparks from God. Over 1 million planets across the physical universe were habitable, thanks to their life support systems, by human species. Such indeed was the case, as we mystics accepted, that human life-streams were created by the ‘pitris’ (fathers or collectively Father), that we peoples of Earth were aided in creation and evolution by the ‘lunar pitris’ (lunar fathers) and ‘solar pitris’ (solar fathers) in the very ancient times.


There is no way that this information, knowledge-based this time, can be hidden from the Church, which silently did its own task of researching on the subject. And maybe, to its own horror, it could have stumbled upon information that some of the leading families among the world’s elites themselves are not pure homo sapiens but are in fact hybrid aliens.


The hybridization points out to the Reptilian humanoids from the Alpha Draconis, or Reptoids, who are acknowledged as contributory to the evolution of present Earth humans or Earthans. The negative  characteristics of cold bloodedness, deception, manipulation, domineering, and so on, are heritage of the Reptoids. There isn’t one of us who doesn’t possess this genetic sub-stream (of reptilian traits), though our main human form was patterned largely after the Neanderthals and cro-magnon by our ETI ‘pitris’.


However, there is still a narrower stream of present humans who had a more advanced hybridization program, done in the past, that makes them part human and part reptile. The reptilian side of them ensures occult powers that can enable its gene holders to be in constant contact with Higher Powers of whatever nature, possibly evil. The same Powers can them help these gene-holders to monopolize power and wealth across countries and regions.


The Church could have stumbled on such knowledge, and maintains it as information to leverage its own powers in the future. But the Church ETI bureau could also be aware of the fact that this information can’t be held for long, because peoples’ 3rd eyes are gradually opening due to the vibratory changes in the Earth’s own frequency. Sooner or later the elites, who possess the Draconian bloodline, and others who may be hybrid Zeta Reticuli (Grey, like the one on ET film and Indiana Jones), will be discovered by the more sensitive Earthans without aid of yogic meditation or vision.


Imagine the great shock that will meet many people, probably as high as 40% of our population, in the coming years when their 3rd eyes will enable perception of Reptoid hybrids. Leaders of states, big business, big media, corporate foundations, international NGOs will be affected by the unveiling of the ‘energy veil’ and will no longer be able to hide their true identities.


That includes you, fellows. Many of you will be able to see with your own eyes. We mystics, being adept at yogic visioning, have already perceived them in advance of the rest. But we’ve kept quite silent about our shocking discoveries. Now the Vatican is taking the cudgels for us all, including us mystics, and we may as well welcome the Vatican ETI bombshell. This could be for our good in the long run.


[Writ 28 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]


June 8, 2008

Erle Frayne  Argonza


U.S. President George Bush seems to have honored the Vatican’s chief prelate with an unusual pomp. The news were all revelatory of the unprecedented treatment the Pope received in his recent visit, a behavior that quite baffles many observers most especially the foreign relations experts.


Not even chiefs-of-state from other countries normally receive such a treatment accorded on the Pope, a fact that the state officials themselves pronounced. Yet here is the Vatican’s chief-of-state receiving precisely that ‘most preferred status’ among the various chief executives of the planet.


The most obvious answer that can be advanced by unthinking observers is that the Pope is a pious figure. This being so, he deserves the accolades and respect that any eminently pious personage deserves to have. This reasoning is old hat, simplistic or simpleton reasoning and has nothing to do with the reality of the moment.


That reality has a great deal to do with economic malaise that America and its northern allies are currently experiencing. Growth has all but flattened in most OECD nations, including Japan and Canada. The USA is coming off as worst, given that it already experienced a recession at the inception of this new decade (2001-02), and here it comes off again with a 2nd recession within the same decade.


The recession is surely bad news for America. For an economy of a size so large it contributes to 22% of the World Gross Product or WDP, a 2nd recession within a decade spells enormous disasters bordering catastrophe and total collapse. The collapse could lead to a depression, and the depression could lead to massive capital flight by both portfolio and strategic corporate investors.


Americans surely don’t know the gravity that the economic malaise had befallen their super-nation, don’t know the consequences of faulty actions and old solutions that hardly work anymore. Among those old tools are the interest rate intervention, fiscal incentives (tax cuts) and further liberalization of the economy. A faulty action would be the rescue of bankrupt banks such as that done on the Bear & Stearns, which was copied from Japan’s experience in the 1990s of ‘crisis management’.


The Vatican is watching all of these events, on top of its keen observation of the political aggressions of the USA from 2001 onwards. The aggressions have angered Moslems no end, and the political volcano of the Islamic world could very well spill over into Europe which is the Vatican’s home sweet home. Likewise does the Vatican, which is so awash with money, watching the unusual cross-border financial flows occurring as the Northern economies, led by the USA, are in panic response over their respective shocks and crisis.


The world has to admit this: the Catholic Church is the largest global corporation. There resides the power of the Vatican: in the power of its purse. So huge is the Church organization-wise, so vast its financial and estate assets, that no one single corporate group can ever match its resources at hand.


It would surely be stupid and suicidal for any corporate group or nation to ever challenge the might of the Vatican head on. Instead of clashing with the Vatican, the appropriate foreign relations template must be that of cooperation and dialogue.


And this is what the inner circles of Bush surely have in mind during the Pope’s visit to America lately. Show some semblance of infatuation with the Church, for it can potentially help the USA solve its cash starvation to pay $50 Trillion worth of debts, balance its perennially deficit budget, put some plugs on capital flight, and loan out gold bullions to shore up the pathetically low gross international reserves.


That, fellows, is the true reason behind the unprecedented reverence and most honorable treatment on the head of the Catholic Church by the state officialdom of America lately. And that show of respect must have paid off well in the short run.


[Writ 28 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]