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March 11, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

A quake of intensity Reichter 6+ struck New Zealand just recently. Scores of people were instantly killed by the catastrophe, with some couples of Filipino expatriate workers there missing or presumed dead. The quake was the 2nd in a row to strike the city of Christchurch, and that to me bodes ill of the times.

There seems to be a hyper-attenuation of tectonic attacks across the globe over the last two decades or so. If one were to graph them on a sheet of paper, you’d notice a pattern of geometric rise in the frequency and intensity of the quakes.

What makes the Zealand quake earth-shaking as a new fact is that it struck the same city for a 2nd time in a short time span. Thus, there’s no telling that a strong quake may strike the same city or region for a 3rd time, 4th time, and so on till infinity within short time spans till the region submerges beneath the waters.

Some opinion writers and analysts may conclude in rather haphazard fashion that the quake may have been a natural event all along. Haphazard indeed, as little do folks and experts know that a very deadly weapon of mass destruction—the Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM—has been in operational use for two (2) decades now.

Just a few years back, a powerful quake hit China, resulting to massive deaths by the thousands. Towns vanished overnight, buried as they were by billions of tons of earth loosened by the quake. Chinese officials never spoke about the cause openly, but never take the Chinese experts as ignorant as rats, for they knew what struck China then.

It was the TEM that hit China, which was unleashed by a special military force from a Northern power. Remember that just days before the quake happened, the US Pentagon released information that China supposedly has been building submarine bases below the seas, which is a mere cover up for the real thing: US naval assets were testing submarine facilities on China.

Much earlier than the China quake, there was the Japan quake in the 90s. That big one flattened a major city there, and it was a classic TEM operation executed by Yakuza operators on the payroll of the Aum cult. The TEM could have been purchased from the Russian mafia via the global inter-syndicate crime networks. Needless to say, rouge elements in Japan possess the technology, passed on to them by rouge elements in Russia.

Alarmed about such a development, the Anglo-American oligarchy quickly directed its own defense establishments to accelerate the catching up process. The technology was to come under the disguise of a beneficial HAARP project that is based in Alaska. The frequencies from the HAARP can be used to control people’s minds, create super-storms (like Philippine’s typhoon Ondoy), induce super-quakes (Tesla effect like they did on China and Indonesia), and more.

Not only was China a favored guinea pig for the deadly weapon. Indonesia was already struck at least a couple of times using the same mad equipment, with 300,000 dead across couples of countries due to a tsunami coming as aftershock effect of a powerful quake on an island there.

Knowing such patterns of deadly attacks in the past can somehow provide as a tool to understand what happened to New Zealand. Australia’s quaking events in the near future, if ever, will suspiciously follow the same pattern as Indonesia’s and New Zealand’s, and better prepare yourselves for that eventuality.

The global elites—exemplified by Prince Charles—regard humans as viruses and/or ‘useless eaters’. Reducing the viruses via mad Malthusian means—from nuclear thermidore to TEM—is in the drawing board of the depopulation strategy of the evil elites, with end goal of taking down the present 7-billion population to a manageable two (2) billions by the year 2050.

[Philippines, 08 March 2011]

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