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March 2, 2011

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

In a previous article, this analyst tackled the matter of corruption in the echelon of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines). As discussed, the AFP echelon’s corrupt acts have direct link to the US Pentagon that bred the former and continues to treat it as a subordinated institution.

It was during the recent ongoing investigations that former AFP chief and past Secretary of Defense, Angelo Reyes, was summoned by the Senate to answer allegations about slush funds for generals and related graft practices. Barely just days after facing the senate blue ribbon committee, Reyes committed suicide by shooting himself at the foot of his deceased mother’s grave.

Had Reyes died of a health-related cause such as cardiac arrest, I should have never suspected of the possible handiwork of an evil circle behind his death. Reyes died just like the way the late Ted Borlongan, former CEO of the Union Bank, end his life. Borlongan was blamed for the bank run that the Union Bank went through, and committed suicide by shooting himself at the foot of his mother’s grave.

People ought to know that the Union Bank is owned by the former president Fidel V. Ramos, also a retired general like Reyes. As president from 1992 through ’98, Ramos got was alleged to have received gargantuan kickbacks in power contracts, government estates sales (to favored buyers), and the infra for the centennial celebration of Philippine independence, among others.

Ramos left the presidency very much wealthier than before, enough for him to secure control of the Union Bank as a largesse for his favored actions for a certain patron comprising of evil cabal. That same cabal are persons among the Who Is Who of global elites, and comprise a section of the abominable Committee of 300 (C300), also known as the Illuminati or New World Order (a Luciferan global network or secret government).

Ramos’ abominable handlers were the ones who planned all along to overthrow Marcos in 1986, which indeed happened. The same cabal again used Ramos to overthrow Erap Estrada in 2001, which also happened. Angelo Reyes, then chief of staff under Erap, was already a favored figure among neo-conservative honchos inside the Pentagon (installed there earlier by the old man Bush).

So you can see how easy it was for Ramos to connect to Angie Reyes who was his former subordinate (as chief of AFP and as defense secretary). Upon the behest of the neo-conservative wing of the C300 and old players like George Schultz (a C300 adept), Ramos gave the directive to Angie to tow the line and join the EDSA II forces that were massing up to overthrow Erap.

To claim now that Reyes voluntarily shot himself is old hat simpleton discourse. Writers and thinkers can go on with their reflections about his death, but I don’t buy any of them. Like Ted Borlongan couples of years back, Reyes was a fall guy. A cabal of dark adepts, using psychic attack method (e.g. meditating together to command the target to commit suicide), took down both Borlongan and Reyes.

Both Borlongan and Reyes knew of very highly classified information—regarding criminal money movements such as racketeering, money laundering—that were done by dirty operators of the C300. Borlongan knew of classified info in the banking sector, while Reyes knew of parallel information within the defense Establishment.

In Reyes’ case, information about direct commands from the C300 for the escalation of hostilities with the Muslim separatists in Mindanao was the bone of contention. AFP field forces were used to sell arms to the rebels (Sen. Trillanes and Magdalo rebel forces know much about this), indicating how important war was to the generals, defense officials and Pentagon honchos.

To cut the story short, Reyes must be eliminated in order to stop further investigations unleashing a can of worms. Investigations should stop at the level of retired generals, and venture not an iota into culpabilities of global networks of the abominable C300.

Reyes was clearly a fall guy in the dirty games of the elites. A person with a strong mind like Reyes, who isn’t ailing from sociopathy or personality disorder, has no suicidal ideation tendency. I am not about to be fooled by abominations who are playing tricks on the public mind, by making it appear that Reyes’ suicide was volitional.

The evil handlers of Ramos did it to Borlongan before, they did it to Reyes this time. It will only be a matter of time before some fall guys will die again as sacrificial pawns in their evil games for the sake of their insatiable greed and power over people’s minds.

[Philippines, 19 February 2011]


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