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May 12, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Good evening from Manila!

Let me continue with the Princess Kate discoveries of shadowy engagements and profane rituals by the Anglo-European royalty & elite cronies. As Kate will unwind the true causes behind the death of Diana—a death done in execution of an extermination order from ‘higher ups’—she will also most likely uncover the truth behind the death of Grace Kelly who was married to Rainier of Monaco royalty.

The majestic Grace is a narrative akin to Cinderella. The dreamy Cinderella of America who fantasized about marrying a prince one day, indeed was lifted off her feet to kingdom come by a prince, and a crown prince at that! So the very feminine beau from America turned into a majestic crowned royal person overnight, and the rest was history.

Then she was integrated into the circles of dirty & demonic elites of Europe, and she found out it was too late to quit. She knew that Bernard, of the Monaco royal family, was initiator and prime mover of the secretive elite club Bilderberger Group. This shadowy club met once a year to confer about the state of affairs of the world, and imposed tasks upon the members that should be strictly complied with.

Bernard’s task, as far as we can see his role in the hierarchy of evil in the planet, is to get the select leaders of nations into a seemingly loose formation. That formation will then meet annually, pass resolutions of sorts, and commit to implement them. The core leaders are actually members of the Committee of 300 or C300, the hierarchy of evil that was exposed by John Coleman, former British MI6 spy, as being behind the many woes and sorrows of the planet today.

If I pick the pattern right, a Holy Trinity of Father-Son-Mother/Spirit comprises a triad of evil in the C300 and a possibly tight Order of Luciferans. Princess Kate will discover the triad quite quickly, by inducting her inferences from the networks of cronies of her husband’s family. Bernard is the Son-equivalent in the hierarchy, while Queen Elizabeth is the Mother/Spirit equivalent. The Mother calls the shots, and so it would be best for the Son to always coordinate with the Mother whatever moves there are to be made in the Bilderberger and subsidiary formations such as the Trilateral Commission or TLC.

Well, it was apparent that Bernard could have overstepped his functions. At some juncture, he was also found to have been excessively greedy, whatever that means. Greed has got to do with getting his shares in the pies of investments, gold, drug deals, and more. Bernard could have lionized shares too much, and lionized influence too on the Bilderberger participants as his financial leverage grew meteorically.

Then came that tragic death of Grace, and there can be no denying that the Monaco royalty’s greed has to do with it. Punitive action was exercised with lightning speed of sweeping execution, and so the action came by exterminating the seemingly spotless Grace.

And so the world’s folks grieved for the beloved Cinderella, made ignorant as they were by the lies and cover ups. Folks can be deceived, but not a smart lady like Kate who will most likely stumble upon this gory fact.

[Philippines, 05 May 2011]
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