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March 29, 2011


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

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Just about a week ago, my wiz-kid nephew Dean Patick Delago, an accounting student who’s among the topguns of his batch, alerted me to the dates of 9/11 (9-11-2001) and the Japan quake cum tsunami (3-10-2011), with the intriguing conclusion that when added yields the following sum:

9/11 Crash-Bombing of WT Ctr: 9-11-2001
Japan Quake cum Tsunami: 3-10-2011
TOTAL: 12-21-2012

That’s the Mayan Calendar date for the end of the present cycle of history! What an intriguing, provocative finding, a conclusion that surely jibes with my own thesis that both events were pre-meditated attacks by rouge forces connected with the global elites.

For those unfamiliar with the ruling class, the elites go by the names of Military-Industrial Complex, New World Order or NWO, and Committee of 300 or C300. The elites’ calumny and abominable plans of sustained anarchy through wars and destructive engagements was exposed by John Coleman, former British MI6 spy, in his book Conspirators’ Hierarchy: Committee of 300. Former US president Eisenhower and sociologist C. Wright Mills did their exposes of the Military-Industrial Complex decades earlier.

To go back to my earlier writings: First, the New York twin-tower attack was hatched by rouge forces within the USA, who sowed terror by using Manchurian Candidates or MCs (chipped human semi-robots). Second, the Japan quake cum tsunami was hatched by global elites on the Western hemisphere, and used a US navy unit to strike Honshu with the Tesla Earthquake Machine or TEM (a similar US navy unit was utilized for the secretive Philadelphia Project).

The total 12-21-2012 reveals that both events—9/11 and Japan Quake—were (a) well planned by echelon rouge forces as (b) most impact-full major events in coherence with (c) a very long-term plan to sow global terror and psychic state of surrender through destructive means such as terror attacks and WMD or weapons of mass destruction. That means the global elites are sending a message to the world population that they are calling the shots in the planet, that peace will be had should people recognize their organized New World Order and its rules, that they are in control.

Among interesting finds are: (a) the WTC terror attack represents the Western hemisphere, while the Honshu attack (near Tokyo) represents the Eastern hemisphere; (b) New York is in the Atlantic Ocean side, while Honshu/Sendai is situated on the Pacific Ocean side; and, (c) both USA and Japan are like twin pillars of the global economy.

That means that when the twin towers in NY were attacked, we should have anticipated that another pillar of the global economy will be attacked. China was struck with Tesla a few years back, Indonesia was also struck hard (300,000 deaths due to the tsunami), and New Zealand was very recently attacked. But no, such countries weren’t symbolized by the 2nd tower in NY, as it was reserved for Japan.

The lingering question I ask is whether the Japan quake-tsunami attack was carried out by an existing unit in the US Navy, by tapping through the HAARP project based in Alaska, or by a US Navy unit in the mid-40s yet that had to travel through hyperspace to reach 2011 and strike genocidal hit on Honshu with the Tesla WMD before retreating back to the 1940s (time travel in other words). For if the 2nd thesis holds, than the planning for both events involved a far greater sophistication and complexity that boggle the mind.

What the events do show is that there may no longer be major events of a terribly psyche-shattering traumatizing nature outside of both events. That is, events carried out whose shock effects are of a traumatizing level to peoples of the world and not just to the Americans or Japanese.

To reecho, the use of Tesla attacks did terrible damages in China, Indonesia, and New Zealand. But of all events, it was the plane crash bombing attack on New York and the Tesla WMD strike on Honshu what were intended to be of the greatest symbolic significance.

There will be similar attacks again by the same rouge forces, which leaves us in suspense about what the next attack could be. So let’s await the next one, which could be just around the corner.

[Philippines, 28 March 2011]


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October 15, 2010

Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Magandang gabi sa inyo! Good evening to you all!

In a previous article, I echoed the contention that the dreaded terrorists of the United States and Europe are inside their respective Establishment. Let me resume this theme, with a highlight on recent historical events in America.

The featured events are (a) the McVeigh bombing of a federal office in Oklahoma, and (b) the Davidian cult in Waco, Texas that was practically annihilated by federal forces. Both events may seem distantly related to the uncritical minds, but to the keen observers of global events they are so closely linked in terms of their command structures.

To go directly to the point, the McVeigh mission team and the Davidian cult were creations of rouge elements inside the US establishment. The latter, to my mind, are the real terrorists who should be closely monitored and exposed by the patriotic forces in the USA. Those rouge elements are out to destroy the fabric of American life altogether, as they are rooted in the causes of the rebel Confederates of civil war era yet whose loyalties seem to lie elsewhere than the Union.

To recall, in the aftermath of the Oklahoma bombing, McVeigh was apprehended and the investigation on the command structure of the bombing mission was relentlessly pursued for a short while. To the shock of the federal investigators, the directors of the bombing pointed to very powerful people on the echelon of the elites of the Union.

The rest was history of course. And by history we mean that the investigation stopped dead in woods. We can only surmise that the investigating teams realized how untouchable the rouge elements are, that a continuation of the exposures thereof could have compromised the very lives of the investigators and their loved ones.

Meanwhile, in another context, a supposed cult in Waco was declared to be a threat to the public order as it was found to have amassed a cache of arms or sort of. Just as the cult’s own dynamics were so wrapped up in mystery, so was the overkill assault of the cult by federal forces wrapped in seemingly unfathomed mystery.

Such an overkill, with the goal of annihilating the cult altogether, meant only one thing: the cultists were living witnesses to the line of command thereof, a line that points upwards to rouge elements in the Establishment. Talkative cultists are a risk to the plotters of the cult’s adventurism, and so they were totally annihilated.

McVeigh, who as per media information was trained in Fort Bragg, was much luckier than the Waco cultists. Luckier in that he was permitted to live physically. Cornered by the arresting team, McVeigh could have thought of getting himself secured by the police forces, for he knew all the while the grave threat to his own life of being apprehended.

But the investigation stopped dead in the woods, as if the federal team involved suddenly fell into a cul de sac. Had they proceeded further with investigations and criminal litigations of the true spinners of McVeigh, they could have opened up a can of worms that could have led to a major crisis in America at a time of relative politico-economic stability.

And so the big challenge to the investigators was how to execute the exit strategy. That is, how to pull out of the task and leave the crime with McVeigh as the main culprit. In the end, the team can rest a bit before their next task, they thus left unscathed by the discovery of the true monsters behind the bombing event.

Those very same terror forces within the Establishment are the very same players who pulled off the 9/11 event. And, shall we hasten to add, every other mysterious cult and terror engagements inside the USA.

What has empowered the terror players immeasurably is the availability of (a) hypnosis and (b) microchip that they can both use in mind control over the terror cells and cult groups. The key leaders of the ground level cells and cults are Manchurian Candidates or MCs who are out on errands for the elite monsters hiding in the shadows of America’s political, legal, business, and media institutions.

It is the supreme duty of the true patriots of America to unveil and expose the true terrorists who are inside the Establishment. Time is of the essence for the patriots of the Union, for failing to act soon enough, they might all see America unravel in the short-run as the Union is confronting another potential recession that can lead to a schism of the social and political forces in their country.

[Philippines, 03 October 2010]