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February 1, 2012


Erle Frayne D. Argonza

Is the development agenda of the world’s top 20 wealthy nations still flying high on the menu of social interventions? Or is the same agenda being continued, if to show semblance of the glory and power of the North/West, a glory & power that is now nose-diving to oblivion?

Let’s get to the bottom of the issue: development investments, aid, and trade were the broad strategies of the Western powers to economically encumber developing countries in yokes of poverty and misery. The global economy has already turned the tides in favor of emerging markets as saviors even of the Western economies where their investments in treasuries & bonds are keeping the latter alive, so what’s the relevance of the G20 development agenda?

The G20 nations are definitely living in the past as they marshall toothpick resources to give to their imagined forever hungry peoples of the South whom they can continue to control and manipulate as semi-slaves of the global order ruled by the financier oligarchs or so it seems. As this happens, the G20’s very own marginal peoples lose jobs and access to healthcare, a situation that inflames passions against immigrants and revives hate-politics of neo-fascist directions.

[Philippines, 29 December 2011]

Sarkozy to Keep Development High on G20 Agenda – French Diplomat
Posted by Ivy Mungcal on 02 November 2011 08:03:55 AM
The G-20 summit in France on Nov. 3 and 4 will focus largely on the global economic crisis, but French President Nicolas Sarkozy can be expected to keep development a priority, the French ambassador to South Africa has noted.
The summit, to be held in the resort city of Cannes, will tackle food security, infrastructure development, and new sources of development finance, Jacques Lapouge said, according to the Star. Lapouge noted that these three issues are among the nine development pillars outlined in a consensus approved by G-20 leaders at their last meeting in Busan, South Korea.
France hopes to encourage the G-20 to support at least one innovative approach to raising development finance, Lapouge said. Sarkozy can also be expected to stress the need for donor countries to to reaffirm their commitments to increase official development aid levels despite the current global economic downturn, the French diplomat added.
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