Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra
31 December 2011

A Happy New Year to all spiritual seekers, freethinkers, aspirants, mystics & gurus!

The Planetary Ascension is just 50 weeks and couples of days away as of this writing. Terrans just celebrated the last Christmas (Dec. 24/25) for the 3rd dimension/density history of the planet. Tonight will witness the last New Year’s Eve celebration, last because there just may be no such celebration by the end of 2012. Post-2012, a new calendar system would most likely be instituted, replacing the Gregorian calendar imposed by the Europeans on the planet.

As far as Terra is concerned, the readiness for the big leap forward is already at a 99% level. The 1% remaining works for the planet are those nitty gritty specifications that will ensure the Divine Plan’s execution for the planet to full throttle.

Consider the following phenomena: (a) the Christ Grid niched at the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) has been fully erected, thus enabling the quantum leap in consciousness that is now going on; (b) major and minor energy centers of the planet were already activated, aiding a quickening in energy balancing for all regions and the globe; and, (c) major and minor hyperspace portals were already opened, thus ensuring greater access to the planet from other regions of the Solar system and galaxy.

Many years earlier than those phenomena mentioned, the preparatory steps were already being done at higher levels of intelligences: (a) energy releases from the being-essence of the Planetary Logos, at the spiritual center in Shamballah, accelerating the energy balance all over the planet, circa 1930s onwards; (b) energy releases from the being-essence of Highest Divine Beings in the Central Spiritual Sun, reinforcing the burning down of negative energies and catalyzing the initiation processes of evolved souls towards Atmic (soul) awakening.

To further ensure greater maneuverability and manageability of planetary changes, the Almighty Father began intervention from the 1970s onwards. Timeline changes began taking shape, such as to witness certain land formations (e.g. California) still standing up squarely, even way after they were prophesied to sink below the sea waters. The intervention has been mitigating the catastrophic changes, so that the discontinuous high-level turbulence (prior to intervention), inclusive of radical land form changes, can be slowed down a bit and distributed widely across a thousand years perhaps.

In other words, those changes that can compress themselves into a 25-year squeeze ‘time crucible’ (from 12-21-2012 through 2037), can be distributed across wide latitudes of time and space. Catastrophic damages can therefore be minimized, while the surviving Terrans will be given sufficient lead time to prepare for the next scenarios of radical changes.

Which means that, right after the planetary space-mass expansion post-polar shift and leap to 4th dimension space, the new cities and global polity can be erected pronto. Nations and old polities will melt away during the most rapid shifts to new realities, which will then permit a greater viability of a global polity led by Ascended Beings, a center where all the post-nation cities will gravitate to—magnificent cities that will mushroom in highly planned fashion across the globe.

Meantime, the target of the Divine Beings and spiritual masters of a 20% survival, with the service-for-others criterion serving as core yardstick for qualification to the new world, is optimistically achievable. Mass initiation is now taking place across the planet that is catalyzing the awareness-raising of the most prepared in the Path. From the personal unconscious, the effect will be felt more and more as the days pass in the months ahead, effects that will then be realized at the conscious level, which at the least will end the polarity within, break down the social antipathies and estrangements, and ensure global cooperation efforts among the survivors.

I need not belabor the point that the (a) Evolutionary Laggards and (b) Demoniacs (negative persons) will be swept off to oblivion as a denouement of the global change. Their transfer to worlds fit for their own awareness levels has been going on, as the mass transshipment of souls of the dead ones among them have already begun since 2008 yet.

The way to the New Age of Light is now even more traversable, and so the birthing-to-infancy of the New Terra is expected to be a highly successful surgical operation by the Divine life-givers of all sentient beings. Welcome to the New Age of Light!

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