Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Guru Ra
29 November 2011

Most gracious day of peace & love!

November 11, 2011 just passed away. It was a momentous event as energy spots, grids, and 4th dimensional portals across the globe gyrated with tremendous amplitudes, the influxes impacting immensely on those whose awareness is ever readier for the Ascension Day just 55 weeks ahead. Surreptitiously riding a-crest the November waves are the minions of Satan or Ahriman across the globe, sponsoring surreptitious conferences aimed at capturing as many unsuspecting souls whom they can drag along their post-2012 incarceration agenda (they will be banished in a new planet in Kama Loka or Hell, the lowest sub-plane of the astral plane).

Satan (Ahriman, Behemoth) took over the reign of power left behind by Lucifer who was punitively deprogrammed over 3 decades ago. Niched in the 3rd plane, Satan and his minions of Fallen Ones use the mental plane as a battle ground to trap souls in the dense spheres. Propagation of atheism and the usage of ‘cold forces’ to exterminate humans en masse are the agenda of the Ahrimanians or Satanists. There too are Ahrimanians using the Cult as platform for enslaving souls, the cults being fairly recent and are of the New Age variety.

Luciferans are now on the gradual retreat, and as they do this the Satanists down the ground keep busy to shore up whatever left-over strengths they have to enslave souls in their favor. Just recently, their puppet groups conducted a dubiously secretive 3-day conference in Manila. The event was dubbed as Cosmic in nature, which is true to the extent that it represents Cosmic Evil and gyrates with blasts of negative energies that could only lead to adverse effects on participants who are the least prepared for it. [Witness accounts from among the participants, shared thru a social network, amplify evidence to such expected adverse effects.]

I got wind up of the forthcoming event as early as mid-October yet. It was publicly announced in a UFO conference by a member of the cult group BROMOKI which seems to front for a broader coalition of cults and New Age groups with surreptitious agenda (surreptitious as their intentions are done without transparency). The BROMOKI has been orchestrating a so-called Spiritual Government for PH, a dubious bloc that doesn’t have a mandate from the true Spiritual Government led by Lord Sanat Kumara (based in Shamballah), Planetary Logos of Earth and guiding deity among the Lords of the Flame who oversee spiritual evolution on Earth since their arrival 18.5 million years ago yet.

Whether the said New Age cults know what Powers are behind them and where they are being brought to, are queries worth investigating. But what is clear to me is this: the true spiritual Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Light to which this guru is an Initiated Fellow (I ascended spiritually in 2008), has no plan whatsoever of forming super-organizations in preparation for post-2012. The Brothers of Light rather have it on the agenda to let diverse networks of cosmic awareness persons and groups traverse along parallel trajectories, not by forming super-organizations or coalitions but by interconnecting through subtle threads of Light.

A week before the conference was held, couples of would-be volunteers for an ET interest group here (name withheld) called me up to consult me about the conference. I flatly told them that the Ascended Masters—who are Divine Elders tasked to lead and aid human beings in their evolutionary sojourns—have nothing to do with the conference being sponsored by a supposed Cosmic Office. Accordingly, they were told that the conference was all about God or is cosmic in nature, a contention that is filled with ambiguity even as it smacks of kindergarten stuff for ridicule.

Isn’t it a Standard Operating Procedure to provide the conference participants a copy of the theme and the agenda? There was no such advanced copy of the agenda. Also, the venue suddenly switched from the original Shangrila Hotel to another venue (a Makati hotel), thus making it all the more clear that the Shangrila thing was merely a decoy or camouflage for the real venue. Why were the sponsors concealing the knowledge about the venue?

So scared were the enquirers that they backed off from participating in the conference after hearing my preliminary analytical peregrination. Not only that, chances are they might no longer get active in the ET interest group which seems more of a pliant sub-altern for the New Age cult BROMOKI, unless the former can prove its sterling autonomy from cult coalitions which isn’t too late a thing for it to do.

I did my own investigative scan of the conference using the meditation tool, while at the same time registering the event before office of Archangel Gabriel and the Darjeeling Council of the Brotherhood for monitoring. Couples of visions appeared during the 3 nights of scanning, the following three images being the most focal:

• A Military Officer: A fatigue-clad officer, standing in side view facing West, with beret-type head gear, fair-skinned. I couldn’t decipher the nationality of this man, but clearly his role has to do with central supervision and monitoring of the event (to succeed).

• A building: An edifice that was solitarily standing in a large tract of land. I intuited that this was the building that served as central hub for commanding the conduct of the Manila conference and possibly satellite conferences across the globe. Most probably transmitters connect this building to certain ElectroMagnetic or EM transducers used as thought-bending equipment. Satellite-borne, the EM transducers are then beamed on any conference the Satanists conduct anywhere in the world.

• Very dark-hued Horned One with glowing short-tipped horns: Satan himself. This vision appeared last night, the night after the last day of the conference. This is the last evidence to indicate Who is in command of the sponsors of the cosmic evil conference. With this evidence at hand, I rest my case.

I could only surmise at how many of the participants ended up with fragmented psyche to the disheveled state of Multiple Personality Disorder of MPD. An MPD or schizoid is so pliant a subject for evil manipulators that the former can be easily commanded to do dirty tasks using the widely popularized hypnotic tools. Black Magic or Left Hand circles are so full of these MPDs and sociopaths, though many of them aren’t even aware of their being manipulated (such as the fake Lightworkers inside social networks who slander, insult, defame the true Lightworkers and the spiritual masters, and spread grand lies or deceptions of every kind).

Be forewarned about similar conferences going on in your country or area. Immediately report them to the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and get yourselves extra protection with the Blue Ray of the Divine Ones while such conferences go on. Rest assured all those puppets of the Evil Ones will be imprisoned in the Kama Loka Planet (Hell) that is now awaiting them, or be destroyed accordingly in accordance with their abominations.

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  1. jesus joseph Says:

    “judge not others so as not to be judged?


    drumbeats mark your steps
    your insights reveal your kind
    your words speak of your heart
    … your actions show your depth

    what eyes see the loneliness of the stars
    what pauses the strain of a doleful life
    what gives the shoulders to hold on
    what shapes the destiny of a child of heaven

    embassies are framed
    ambassadors are thinned
    the filigree of diplomatic reach
    crumbles under the heels of justice with many faces

    remember but remember
    the will that held the heavens
    the love that crafted the mind in place
    the spark that lightened all souls

    in the arena of blissful takes
    the lizard lurks
    in the field of embattled wills
    the angels tread

    where you fear
    when you hide
    how you raise yourself
    there I AM

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