Erle Frayne D. Argonza
31 October 2011

Gracious Day from the Pearl of the Orient!

It is the Christians’ Halloween as I write this piece. Lucifer, the former Prince of Light who fell to deep chasms, was already deprogrammed circa 1980s yet, long before the forthcoming 12/21/12 ascension. Arrested by Lord Michael himself and presented before the Council of 24 Elders, Lucifer was unrepentant up to the last minute of his breath. Then came forth his proper judgement, and was deprogrammed or ‘brought back to the basic essence.’

While Lucifer was squirming in excruciating pain, his cabal of Dark Masters (Chohans of Pralaya) and evil Dugpas (Brothers of the Shadow) or puppet Illuminati adepts in Terra heard Lucifer’s dying screams. That event, narrated by the late master Elizabeth Claire Prophet (hard version of death in the Lake of Fire) before she exited this plane, and re-told later by the guru Sal Rachele (in softer version), foreshadowed what was to happen to the Evil Masters and Dugpas: their own fate of arrests on many and destruction on key role-players is coming.

The message should be made clear at this juncture: LUCIFER IS LONG DEAD! Karma as cosmic law is exact in its applications: when your time for penalty comes, the penalty shall issue forth from the minds of the cosmic judges and carried over with sweeping decisiveness.

Lucifer’s adeptic puppets are now in a rush to peddle the lie that Lucifer supposedly is alive. The line goes that Lucifer was just performing his role as harbinger of all the negations of Light in the Almighty Father’s polarity agenda. What nauseating lies!

Almighty Father never hatched a polarization agenda as this evil agenda was in fact hatched and executed by Fallen Ones in our sector of the universe. The grand lie that supposedly the Father created Evil is just that: the One Universal Principle (God) never at any instance created ‘evil’ (roughly rooted in ‘energy veil’), no such thing as cosmic ‘law of evil’ issued from his Omnipotent Mind. Evil was an immanent trait from those corrupted ones, more so the Chohans of Pralaya (gods of dissolution) and their subaltern minions, and that corruption was their own chosen path to stress the point.

Some other lies peddled by the same spiritual quacks are these: (a) that Lucifer is still alive, and has manifested accordingly to certain channelers on Earth; and, (b) that Divine Hierarchys’ all-embracing compassion shall be applied on the Evil Masters and Dugpas (i.e. Illuminati) and be forgiven accordingly.

Let it be stressed accordingly: Lucifer is dead! In case that there was a Lucifer that has been manifesting before channelers who now number by the hundreds of millions and are part of the class of False Prophets, that impostor is a Dark Master who is among those badly demoralized by the death of their boss and the on-going arrest by Gabriel of Evil Masters. Note that since the beginning of the arrests of the Evil Ones by Gabriel last year, an event that this Brother of the Great White Lodge was made witness upon its commencement, nearly half of the almost 1 million Evil Masters—infesting the ‘bad sectors’ of Terra’s astral belt and likewise doing havoc on the etherics—were already arrested and detained by Gabriel’s Forces.

Besides, the cosmic law of Karma is the one that is operative in pursuing the cases of terribly erring Evil Ones as it applies to all sentient beings. As already explained by the mahatmas time and again, Karma is the cosmic law of retribution, and so the compassion of the Divine Hierarchy is immaterial towards reversing karmic trends that emanate from the very being-essence of the Evil doers themselves.

So desperate are the remaining Evil Masters that they are in haste to capture as many minds of psychic sensitives more so those with histories of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and/or sociopathy. And many young ones, who are very visible in the social networks for starseeds, lightworkers, and psychics, have fallen prey to the desperate mind control by the Evil Ones.

Droid-like in behavior, the spiritual quacks of MPD channelers & psychics mouth the lines for their evil manipulators, reduced social networks of starseeds & Lightworks to popularity contest sites of Pied Pipers, and have likewise contributed immensely to defaming, slandering, and peddling lies about the great Masters and White Robes. Let it therefore be declared: that Karmic Law is exact and will manifest its application on the erstwhile droids of Lucifer apologists who at the least will be imprisoned in the Kama Loka planet (Kama Loka = Hell) fashioned for them.

Let it be re-heralded, as Enoch told JJ Hurtak in the early 70s yet, that the 144,000 White Robes who are here today (save for those who already exited or ascended), will all mandated to role-play Judges post-2012. Those who will become Guardians among the White Robes will have be mandated additionally to serve as Executioners too. No one among the deceiving False Prophets, more so the Lucifer apologists, will escape the karmic measures brought upon them by the Guardians among White Robes, the Warrior Angels, and Seraphim upon the former in less than 14 months’ time.

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