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It seems that my narratives about drug operations by British & European royalty are getting over-extended, so please bear with me. For this note, I will focus on the direct connection between gold hoarding and the drug trade, with the British Empire at the core of planning & operations of gold hoarding.

To recall, gold was declared as a monetary yardstick in the 1940s. The Breton Woods Agreement prescribed the formation of an International Monetary Fund or IMF to oversea trade and currency stability the world over, and so the ‘gold standard’ was declared as standard securitization instrument to back up currencies. Money can only be printed then with back up by gold reserves in the vaults of the central bank of any member nation of the IMF.

Then in 1971, all of a sudden, there was a reversal of the gold standard, till it was finally eradicated. Since then, currencies were traded like typical commodities, as the paradigm of monetarism (Friedman, Hayek) was to dominate economic policies across the planet. Gold’s very own value fluctuated, with the pattern pointing towards inflation, in fact towards hyper-inflation at some junctures.

Most likely Princess Kate will see the handiwork of Windsor & royalty pals in the process. Not only that, she will uncover the truth that there was a relentless campaign by the evil Committee of 300 or C300, led by Elizabeth and royal pals, to eventually hoard the bullions for all time.

The ‘stumble upon’ inquiry can lead to uncovering the shocking truth that gold is used for trading of narcotics by the British drug operators. Yes, fellows, that’s the fact divulged to us by the likes of John Coleman, former British MI6 spy who exposed the evil workings of the shadowy C300 elites’ club: that narco-traders on the British side use gold for exchange rather than currency.

You can make guesses for yourself as to why the British pounds sterling shouldn’t be used for exchange, or the US dollar, or even the Euros. Simple logic indicates that using currencies such as global tenders leave traces of the evil acts, traces that the Interpol might be able to track. To simplify the security equation further, certain Interpol cops are offered payola by the same narco-traders, thus exposing the weak side to the international institution. Payment in gold nuggets to opium and drug producers leaves no traces at all, and that’s classic British style transactions.

The general plan was actually to hoard all the world’s gold that can be hoarded. The goal of that criminal act was to propel the gold purchase values to meteoric heights, which will be the go signal to gradually release the gold. Gold trading alone will result to gigantic windfall gains for the dirty operators.

But there’s another facet of the gold hoard. This aspect wants to see gold used predominantly for the drug trade, with the end view that drugs will eventually be legalized. So you can see that gold has a dark side into it, the reason for its hoarding all the more clear for the greedy operators.

Where will all the ‘stumble upon’ of drugs, gold, business links lead Kate to? As far as Diana was concerned, it led to her extermination by the same C300. Will Kate also go that way?

[Philippines, 04 May 2011]
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