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As the honeymoon of Williams and Kate goes on with sweetness reserved only for royalty, facts across the globe will begin to clean themselves of dust. Exposed into clean air, sooner or later the new princess could uncover dark truths lurking behind the shadowy operations of Windsor, royalty and cronies.

Drug trade by British operators surrounding the Queen can be among those items in the closet that Kate will stumble upon. And, the dreadful thing about it: that drugs are used by royalty itself both for leisure and for spiritual ritual purposes. By royalty we mean here the gamut of noble houses and pretenders of cronies in the entire Europe.

As already mentioned in previous articles, royalty in Europe and cronies across continents constitute a hierarchy of evil called the Committee of 300 or C300. As exposed by former British MI6 spy John Coleman (see his book Committee of 300), the C300 was patterned to the hierarchy of the defunct British East India Company or BEAC, a giant conglomerate that had its own army separate yet from the British Army.

Drugs and business do directly relate across the Atlantic, as drug money profits are used to prime up investments in (a) portfolios (stock markets, financial derivatives) and (b) long-term investments. The latter investments are those in banking, manufacturing, import-export, retail, leisure industries, infrastructures, and more.

Without drugs, Western economies couldn’t have become what they are today. Narcotics has a stabilizing function on the Western economies, compliments of drug users across the world where British drugs can get supplies through.

Name the biggest banks in Europe particularly, and mind you, don’t ever get the shock of your life if you’d find out that their investment pools connect directly to the drug trade. The exposes about the matter are summed up in the Executive Intelligence Review or EIR (, so you can go ahead and surf the site of the EIR for your own discovery purposes. From there you can move on to other sites, inclusive of The Guardian, The Economist, and controversial sites.

Most likely the new princess Kate d’ William will get to know the truth behind the drug trade and where the money from it goes to. She will come to know that the big banks in Greece, Spain, Ireland that went agog recently, were bankrupted via financial derivatives by the cronies of royalty acting as frontmen. And to her own shock, the same cronies actually own the very banks that some other cronies are now trying to bring down.

So what’s the rub? Well, simple. Bankrupt the banks, and then let governments save the same banks using taxpayers’ money. The same banks that were used as sharks to loan to taxpayers at usurious rates for diverse purposes, such as housing and car loans, are now being bankrupted, and who saves them? Taxpayers of course!

So while the regulators get busy investigating dirty operations by speculators on bankrupted businesses, the drug trade will continue unhampered. And the same narcotics will fund more businesses to come, including those that are yet to be born.

[Philippines, 03 May 2011]
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