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I shall refer to ‘royalty’ the whole gamut of nobilities and noble pretenders from England in the Atlantic through Netherlands, Monaco, Venice, and other European lands. The same circles of families & cronies in fact comprise the ‘who is who’ in the elite Committee of 300, as exposed by former British MI6 spy John Coleman.

A shocking truth that the bride Kate Middleton—of newly wed Prince Williams—will uncover or stumble upon drug trade practices by the (Anglo-European) royalty. Not only that, Princess Kate will also stumble upon the drug usage by the same royalty, a usage that was there for hundreds of years now. And thirdly, Kate will uncover the use of drugs for a very dark purpose: spiritual rituals by royalty.

The British drug trade has been in existence for nigh centuries now, as it precedes the formation of the British East India Company yet. The British traders are merely fronting for a hierarchy of European powers, just to make it very clear, not just fronting for the British crown. We need not belabor the point that the same drug operators utilize syndicate crime rings or Mafiosi to effectively engage in the trade across continents and oceans.

Remember well that through the networks of the all-powerful British East India Company or BEIC, the Opium Trade was hatched, grown to meteoric heights, and made wealth for many members of royalty and cronies. China was used as the ground for marketing the opium, with Christian missions (mere disguises by undercover operators) serving as vehicles for introducing the drug to the Chinese narcotics users. Not only did the Opium Trade weaken the moral fiber of China then, it also ruined the sovereignty of China’s polity in the aftermath of the bloody Opium Wars.

Fast forward to the present, when the British narco-traders shifted to the United States of America as drug market. Rock music, particularly ‘acid rock’, was used to induce the narcotics users into trying LSD and getting hooked into it. The list of narcotics had since become longer, to include cocaine, heroin, crack, cannabis, and more. The rest was history, as you’re all aware of, so much that approximately 25% of adolescents in America today try narcotics for at least once in their life (the research statistics was 20% in 1980).

How about the British traders residing in Shanghai before Maoists took over China in 1949? Well, to cut the story short, the Chinese Communists allowed them to operate just the same, with a secret modus Vivendi that goes as follows: there must be a balance of drug trade between the British and Chinese in East Asia, and such a balance shouldn’t be offset as much as possible. The British paid for their protection in large sum to the Chinese, and so till these days they get in and out of China to coordinate their tactics and moves with their home bosses in England & Europe.

Kate will come to know sooner that the British royalty carved new nations such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the aim of growing opium in Afghanistan and using Pakistan as safe route southwards for the commodity and initial returns on investments. Britain lost control over India, so it wouldn’t be safe to route drugs there downwards from Afghanistan. So an artificial nation—Pakistan—was created for that purpose.

Most likely Kate will know the truth that the Taliban almost eradicated the opium farming in Afghanistan, an act that badly hurt the pockets of the British drug traders. And Kate will know that the overthrow of Taliban by the fascistic ‘neo-conservatives’ in America, using America as hammerhead force, was the British crown’s punitive genocidal action against a hated regime of Talibans.

The long-term goal of the drug operators, inclusive of those traders on the Americas and the CIA that uses drugs to purchase arms for covert operations (without Congressional investigations whatsoever), is the legalization of drugs. With marijuana now legalized in certain states or countries, the legalization of all drugs just may be a few steps away. Charge that to the royalty & cronies and their British operators.

Where will the drug ‘stumble upons’ lead Prince Kate into? Just watch out for it, by observing what the Cinderella will do across the coming months. And the Cinderella better gather a huge fan base for herself, before Diana’s fate will befall her.

[Philippines, 02 May 2011]
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