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Fugitive Philippine Senator Panfilo Lacson, who has an arrest order served on him over a double murder case (killings of PR man Bobby Dacer and his driver Corbito), came out of over a year of hiding. On the strength of a decision of the Court of Appeals, which centered on questions of propriety of witness testimony, the arrest warrant served Lacson was nullified, hence permitting the fugitive to surface and resume with his duties in the Philippine Senate.

Lacson, former police director-general under President Erap Estrada (who was overthrown and jailed for 7 years on ill-gotten wealth case), is a very controversial figure. He is known among media, military, and police circles as a verdugo and protector of big crime syndicates, and may in fact have been chief organized crime operator himself in the areas of drugs, illegal gambling, kidnap-for-ransom or KFR, and more.

As police director-general, he was a highly dreaded man, dangerously sociopathic, but who can easily put a human face in front of media cameras. He was alleged to have ordered the extermination of Kuratong Baleleng mafia members, who already surrendered but were shot dead inside a van while being driven at the middle of a Manila highway on the way to a destined police station.

That is, Lacson has a penchant for eliminating as much witnesses as possible to crime cases that could pin him down. At some point, event the US Central Intellgence Agency found bothersome enough his being scot-free and occupying powerful state posts, that CIA agents themselves gave out intelligence reports thru channels to prospective investigators. I won’t be surprised if the Kuratong Baleleng case would resurface anytime now, compliments of CIA working behind the scene to see Lacson hanged.

Honestly, I feel very nauseated whenever Lacson speaks in public as a supposedly anti-corruption advocate. Why don’t you see for yourself the house where Lacson resides in the posh Ayala Alabang village? Isn’t that a mansion that is worth millions of bucks? Where and how did Lacson ever derive the funds to purchase such a house, when his pay as a state official can nil afford him to acquire one such property?

How did Lacson ever go into hiding in couples of countries, if he were as poor as ‘wretched of the Earth’? Who were Lacson’s contacts overseas, such as east Asia and western Europe where he stayed the longest? Who gave him passports to use along his routes of escape? The Interpol and CIA do have dossiers of Lacson, and he is far from the incorruptible or clean guy that he pretends to be.

That the Court of Appeals would dismiss the case against Lacson mocks of justice as we know it. You could just imagine the dread and anger of the family members of the late Bobby Dacer, who all migrated overseas to save themselves from the vergudo Lacson and a possible invisible sponsor of higher rank (Lacson identified Erap Estrada as the mastermind behind the double-murder case).

Not just the Dacer family, but also the political enemies of Lacson could have rounds of sleepless nights again as the dangerous man could be up to wiretapping them or doing nasty intelligence surveillance. That is, of course, to gather evidences of their dirty linens, and such dirty linens will be used for Lacson’s grandstanding committee investigations in the Senate.

Lacson’s detractors should move quickly and decisively to pin him down, inclusive of the United State’s CIA and Drug Enforcement Agency. The lesson in dealing with the likes of Lacson is: never play footsy with a Demonic Mind.

[Philippines, 27 March 2011]


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