Erle Frayne D. Argonza

The month of March just commenced as I write this note. It seems that, as of this writing, the ancient echoes of history are reminding the archaic royal states of pan-Arabia of the cryptic message “beware the Ides of March!”

The tumult of pan-Arabia (all territories covered by Arabs of diverse ethnicities) is clearly sweeping the dirt of the ancien regime, regardless of the nature of the states there: republic or archaic (monarchic). The rousing of awareness affects the young generation in particular, no matter what class, ethnicity, or sect they belong to.

So rapid are the unfolding events, and without the proper framework to comprehend what’s going on, the despots and autocrats of pan-Arabia are at a lost as to the proper comprehension of the phenomenon. In the absence of an appropriate framework, the royal rulers have to undertake a drastic palliative of giving respective families some large alms of welfare gifts.

Almost nine (9) quarters of a century ago, the last queen of France, Marie Antoinette, provided the same palliative: by giving cakes to the poor folks in order to deter their involvement in popular risings. Welfare gifts of today are similar to the cakes of Marie Antoinette. Let the sheikhs be reminded that Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVII were beheaded before the public, an event that foreshadowed what would happen to the various other archaic regimes across the globe, no matter if they gave away tons of cakes in case.

While the overthrown Saudi king and/or Arab sheikhs may not be physically decapitated after their removal from power, the fate of the late French monarchs signifies the decapitation of the monarchic power altogether. Which means that, in the short run, all the remaining archaic states in pan-Arabia will be effectively decapitated, and conditions made so hard for a revival of the ancien regime.

If asked for an honest opinion, my perspective on the matter makes me supportive of a republican form (structure) of government for all Arab states. Archaic regimes in pan-Arabia have been integrated into the power nexus of the Anglo-European oligarchy that has been planning to wage a World War III very soon by pitting a Sunni-Jewish alliance versus a Persia/Iran-led coalition.

Saudi Arabia has particularly been arming itself to the hilt, while Syria and Libya have already stockpiled themselves with the arsenals. All done in preparation for the great war. Israel has been undertaking massive military exercises inside Romania, as it will be the core force tasked by the financier oligarchy to frontally attack Iran in the months ahead.

But the political-military context in pan-Arabia had so suddenly changed as a result of the turmoil. All of a sudden, the viability of launching a world war versus Iran has badly eroded. The primary problems of pan-Arabia today are the domestic ones, and so the global war has to be put in abeyance if not shelved altogether.

As I already cogitated in my earlier articles, it will be suicidal for Israel to go to war alone versus Iran & allies (Hezbollah, Hamas, contiguous countries). Not only that, with the changed context in Arab states, Israel has to re-tool itself to be able to understand the rapidly unfolding events and forecast whether the future Arab regimes will be reliable friends or unpredictable enemies.

Meanwhile, the month of March had arrived, and this month bodes ill for the despots and autocrats of pan-Arabia. Beware the Ides of March!

[Philippines, 01 March 2011]


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