Erle Frayne Argonza

An email has been circulating around the globe lately, detailing in one-liner fashion the claim by an erstwhile ‘prophet’ from Brazil  the forthcoming 8.1 Reichter quake that will rock RP on the 18th of July. The email also included a listing of claims made by the same spiritist crackpot, enumerating them in Kindergarten-like fashion without the benefit of deeper articulation spiced with wisdom.

Being a yogi-mystic of long-standing (I joined the mystical circles in 1994), and having been endowed with the power to prognosticate and do intuitive forecasting as part of my tasks, I know the great difference between a mystic’s work and that of a psychic’s. Mystics are of an awareness higher than genius, and are just one step closer to being a spiritual master, while psychics are plain folks whose astral bodies are activated and ‘3rd eyes’ open which happens to most people only when they’re physically sleeping.

Psychics, including those spiritist mediums or ‘chanellers’ who receive communications or messages from lower beings notably ‘discarnates’ and negative beings such as asuras (demons), are notably emotionally unstable and are of a low intellectual caliber. That is why their claims are steeped in fear and emotional sensationalism, bereft of sound interpretation and rationale about the future event being described. Their prognostications are also largely negative, proof that these were relayed by negative beings (discarnates, demons, Fallen Elementals) who normally disguise as angels in the astral domain (where the events can be perceived through the ‘3rd eye’ or astral faculties).

Mystics, on the other hand, are emotionally stable, intellectually adroit (most of us went to the university, while over half have gone to graduate school), endowed with writing abilities, and are intuitively awake (5th eye). Mystics are of a much higher frequency than psychics, permitting High Beings such as angels, who are of higher vibrational make ups, to manifest themselves. Mystics don’t normally perceive ghosts (discarnates) and lower invisibles precisely because we operate on the higher ‘bandwidth’ of frequencies (e.g. somebody listening to an FM station cannot hear disc jockeys on the AM band unless one purposely lowers the frequency band towards AM).

True prophecies, including those relayed by Higher Beings, don’t normally have dates. It is now normal staple for me to see future events while meditating and in the sleeping state, but I don’t see dates at all emblazoned on the scene. The mystic has to estimate the date, and that takes a very clever process. Even those dates relayed by Higher Beings can change, because mankind’s future is subject to ‘timeline changes’, and the forecast event may no longer happen at all or will take place at a later time.

As a longtime mystic, I don’t interact at all with psychics or spiritists (church people call them ‘visionaries’). They are of low wisdom, lack intellect, emotionally unstable, and possess depressive disorder conditions. Psychologists found out that the accuracy of psychics’ clairvoyant is only 22%. They lack scientific merit and should be dismissed if not condemned as disinforming and panic-forming in impact.

So, dear readers, I am going out on the 18th to watch a movie in a mall nearby (Trinoma most probably). I have no place for crackpot disinformation in my system. Let the mall crash down on me if God so wishes on the 18th.  “Govinda jaya jaya, Gopala jaya jaya, Radha ramanahari Govinda jaya jaya.” Amen.

[08 July 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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  1. tuxedopenguin Says:

    The problem with any field where real expertise is rare but demand for such expertise is very high is that there will always be frauds. Painting all psychics as crackpots is unfair, and simply ignoring the real economics of the situation. You’ll find the same amount of fraud going on in any industry, any field, or subject where there are huge numbers of people demanding a service but only a few able to actually fill that demand; fakes will turn up to take advantage of the situation.

    As for your statement “Psychologists found out that the accuracy of psychics’ clairvoyant is only 22%.” – which “psychologists” are you referring to? There have been tests done with musicians where it was discovered that they were correct close to 75% of the time in describing what a person in another room was seeing.

    There have been proven psychic predictions that scored right. Jeanne Dixon predicted JFK’s win and assassination. Her prediction was public in 1956, years before it came true. She’s also on record predicting Richard Nixon’s election.

    GA Freiman predicted the rampage of two serial killers in the USA and their M.O. He’s also made several other successful public predictions.

    John Croino in 1986 predicted the Asian Economic Crisis of 1997 (spot on!), in May 1998 he predicted the 9/11 attacks (missed only by one day the exact date), in 1986 he predicted the riots in China which happened recently (gave a vague time period of 2008-2010).

    These are examples of prophecies which came out true, and it’s not against physics for it to happen either. Have a look at quantum physics, where causality gets weird and time gets entangled.

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